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Ateshgah is located on the Absheron peninsula around Surakhani village, 30 km from the center of Baku, built in the 17th-18th centuries, where the natural gas exits, and is a sacred sanctuary known by the Zoroastrian and Indian at different times. The earliest building of the temple is dated to about 1713 AD. The central temple temple was built in 1810 by the Indian merchant Kanchanagara. This territory is known for natural phenomena such as natural gas burning fuel (the underground gas is associated with oxygen and thus flammable). The Atashgah Temple currently operates as a branch of the Shirvanshahs Palace Complex, but its uniqueness, uniqueness, and inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List are a necessity for the independent work and protection of the Monument of Ateshgah. That is why, as a result of the efforts of our state, "Ateshgah Temple" has been granted "enhanced security" status as an example of cultural heritage since September 30, 1998 and is included in the UNESCO Primary Health and Natural Heritage List.
Gala village
Gala Archeological-Ethnographic Museum Complex - archeological and ethnographic museum complex is considered one of the most interesting tourist sanctuaries in Baku. There are graveyard temples, graves, houses, constructions, water reservoirs, ancient fortress ruins, five mosques, and three baths in the territory of this complex. All of these were in the Absheron peninsula in the third millennium of the twentieth century.
Atashgah - Gala tour
- Historical excursion on the territory of Ateshgah (XVII century):
- A visit to the temple of the Hindu and the Zoroastr
- Information about Ateshgah temple and history of prominent places
(about the beliefs of worshipers throughout history, about the history and styles of temples, about the visitors of the sanctuary, etc.)
- Lunch
- Historical excursion on the Gala area:
- Information on the history of all outstanding places in the Gala area
- Archaeological and ethnographic museum visit
- Visit to Gala Juma, Balaverdi, Kembere village mosques
- Visit the town of Mardakan
- Historical information
- Visit of the quadruple Mardakan castle
Included in the price:
- Transport
- Guide
2 pax – 49usd
6 pax -20 usd
18 pax- 10 usd
40 pax- 8 usd

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