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Old City is often called a city in the city. When you set foot in the castle directly, it is like if you are falling into another world - to the medieval city. Modernity and past are separate from the fortress walls. The Old City is surrounded by fortress walls with a height of 8-10 meters wide and 3.5 meters wide. An ancient city with an area of 22 hectares is an example of a city-style culture.The Maiden Tower and the Shirvanshahs Palace (XIII-XVI centuries) were included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2000.
"Old City" tour
- Double Tower Gates (XII century) - one of the main entrances to Icheri Sheher (Shamakhi Gate)
- Visit of the Shirvanshahs Palace (XIII-XVI centuries) - the old residence of the rulers of Shirvanshahs in Baku
- Information about the history of mosques and churches
Juma Mosque (XII century)
St. Nicholas Church (XIX century) and others
- Caravansarai - located in the Old City neighborhood of Baku and being a cultural monument of national significance are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage
Mulatana Caravansarai (XII century)
Bukhara caravansarai (XV century) and others.
- Older commercial yards
- Miniature Book Museum
- Informing about baths and madrassas
Haji Qaib's Bathroom (XV century)
The Shah Bath of the Shirvanshahs Palace (XV century) and others
- Maiden Tower (XII century) - A historical monument located in the southeastern part of ancient fortress walls (Icheri Sheher), near the seaside park
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- Professional tour guide
- Transport service
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