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You will visit such beautiful cities in USA and Canada as Los Angeles, New York, Maya, Las Veqas, Toronto, on the spectacular tours across North America.
California tour
New York - Washington tour
Florida Tour
Day 1
- South Beach and Ocean Drivea - where many bars and restaurants are located, and most importantly, the famous beach
- Miami Zoo - where more than 2000 animals live
- Villa Viskaya - museum and botanical garden
- Metromuver hanging monorail trail - two small wagons passengers at a height of several meters at an altitude of 40 km
- Bayside market - here are many magazines, cafes and restaurants
- Bayfront park
- Return to hotel
- Free time
- Overnight in Miami
Day 2
- Breakfast at the hotel
- The road to the city of Orlanda
- Hotel accommodation
- Orlando art museum - where you can observe different historical exhibits
- "Typhoon lagoon" aquapark
- Lunch at the hotel
- Harry Potter attraction - here you will be in the atmosphere of Harry Potter cinema
- Kennedy space center - here you will see different chats and rockets
- Orlando's scientific center - a great place for those who love science
- Return to hotel
- Free time
- Night in Orlando
Day 3
- Breakfast at the hotel
- Road to Jacksonville
- Rites Museum - In this museum you will get acquainted to African culture
- Main Street Bridge - From here you can observe the largest port of Florida
- Jacksonville Lingling - a variety of shops, restaurants and amusement parks in the complex, located near the local Seine Crete River
- Museum of Modern Art - one of the largest museums in the city
- Jacksonville Zoo
- Return to hotel
- Free time
- Nightlife in Jacksonville
Day 4
- Breakfast at the hotel
- Seint Road to the City of August
- August lamp - a magnificent view from the lantern transformed into the city icon
- Youth Fountain - Archaeological Park Spain is a symbol of colonialism
- Kastillo de San Markos - one of the oldest castles in the United States
- The airport way

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